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Communication techniques are becoming ever more complex, from the field through to the control level. At the same time the demands for recording physical measured variables such as flow rates, fill levels, temperature, pressure and analysis parameters are constantly growing. The principal requirement in this respect is absolute reliability of the measured values. This means the measuring equipment, even when subjected to disruptive influences such as changing flow profiles or inclusion of gas bubbles, must always deliver reliable values, and above all must guarantee virtually 100 % security against failure.

“Measure the facts“ means not only reliable measurement of standard process variables – even under the most difficult process conditions – but also clear and precise process diagnostics right through to the material composition of the medium. Both of these contribute to improved process control and allow remarkable increases in process efficiency and production.

In order to guarantee this for you, more than 400 engineers in the worldwide KROHNE Group are continuously engaged in research into promising technologies for the future, in pursuit of improved measurement and further developments. We are a family-owned enterprise and we take our responsibilities seriously. We have permanent representation in more than 130 countries and employ more than 3,500 people in order to bring you highly innovative products from a single source, and tailor-made technical solutions to your measurement requirements, now and in the future.

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Ultrasone debietmeters

Ultrasone debietmeters voor tal van toepassingen

Dankzij hun veelzijdigheid kennen de inline ultrasone debietmeters een toenemend succes in tal van industriële takken. Vandaar dat hun specificaties zeer uiteenlopend kunnen zijn. Het juiste toestel kiezen, is cruciaal voor het succes van de metingen.

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Krohne Belgium

Voor wie in nieuwe meet- en regeltechniek is geïnteresseerd …

Indumation 2017 kondigt zich aan als de Belgische technologiebeurs van het jaar. Als één van de wereldleiders op het vlak van meet- en regelapparatuur zal Krohne Belgium niet op het appel ontbreken. De Belgische verkoop- en servicevestiging van de Duitse producent ziet Indumation immers als hét ideale platform om haar gamma, en een groot aantal nieuwe producten voor te stellen.

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